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Sawyer new vest K-9 Inn victim services.

Sawyer Crisis Response Dog for the town of Parry Sound

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Wilson works at the Orillia Dispatch

Service dogs for Post Traumatic Stress - PTSD


Crisis Response, Facility and Service Dogs

K9CI has been offering a course since 2013 that provides mental health support and education for first responders and military veterans by utilizing crisis response, facility and service dogs.  We offer a unique self-training program that dogs and their handlers can learn together to become an official support dog team or to become a Service dog for an individual first responder who suffers from PTSD.  Our self-train program helps reduce the wait time that is usual with most support programs.  Puppies are placed at 8 weeks of age with their new handler and the team learns together. We also provide fully trained dogs if required. 

By placing facility dogs, crisis response dogs and PTSD service dogs K9CI hopes to reduced the suicide crisis among first responders and veterans around the country. 



Our Dogs are working providing  


  • Stress relief  - many people will not speak to others but will talk to a dog

  • Unconditional Love and support

  • Support during debriefings, court depositions, and wellness room visits. 

  • Immediate crisis response for First responders

  • The are community liaisons 

  • Support children and adults who have gone through a traumatic experience.

  • They  go to schools and libraries for information and participation days 

Team  Sponsorships

Currently, we have several teams that need funding.  We always are in the process of training puppies for those in need.  The cost of training a Service Animal ranges between $25000.00 to $40000.00. The cost of facility and crisis response dogs is between $10000.00 and $15000.00 

Every dollar counts towards helping those who have always been there to help our communities.