Facility Dog Standards

  • Facility Dogs must have a minimum of 150 hours of obedience and 150 hours of public access training to become accredited with K9CI.

  • Facility Dogs must meet all the standards outlined by K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs.

  • The Facility Dog must be partnered with a handler that has passed the Pet Partners certification test. The qualities of a good handler include calmness, good social behaviour and are accustom to or have the ability to interact with many different types of people. The candidate must also be comfortable speaking in public. They will act as the dog's advocate in all situations and therefore must learn to be in control of the dog at all times, to read the dog's body language, and to respect the dog's needs while interacting with others.

  • ​The work setting must have a place for the dog to have a time out when not being used as a Therapy Dog.   

  • Liability insurance will be supplied by Pet Partners once the team, dog and handler, have passed the other certification exam. 

  • The Facility Dog will demonstrate basic obedience skills by responding to voice and hand signals for sitting and staying in place, lying down for extended periods of time, walking (heeling) in a controlled manner, and coming when called. 


  • A Facility Therapy Dog with a certified handler only has access to an authorized work setting. The handler will be provided with an ID card for themselves and their dog. The dog must be easily identifiable and must wear a K-9 Country Inn vest and logo while working.