Statement of Purpose

K9CI is an independent Service Dog Training and accreditation program. K9CI establishes the rules and standards of this service dog training and accreditation program.

Enhancing the lives of people with disabilities in Canada through education and quality dog training and creating standards of training and testing throughout Canada through the accomplishment of the following activities:

  • To raise funds for dog training and equipment that will support training and placement of service dogs with people with disabilities

  • To provide First Responders and facilities with Service dogs

  • To create and implement educational programs to raise awareness and understanding of the role of a service dog in their community

  • To provide health professionals with knowledge, skills, and confidence so that they can effectively assess their clients and prescribe Service Dogs to their patients

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality trained Service and Therapy Dogs to people and facilities in need to empower and change the lives of people with disabilities in Canada. 


Who We Are

K9CI is a unique owner-trained service dog training and support program.

Our Affiliate trainers and facilities customize training to meet each handler’s individual needs.

Our program is a mentorship program so new service dog teams receive dog training and encouragement from other service dog handlers who are going through similar situations.  Our handlers and trainers will bring their experience to you. 

Clients are taught proper handling skills, dog obedience, service dog protocols, and explained the laws and rights of a service dog handler.

Training is taught in person, by video and on the phone.  Our training is customized to meet your specific needs regardless of how far away you may live.

K9CI affiliates will guide you through training in the initial two years and will always be available to help after your training is complete.