Roles of a Facility Dog with EMS

Facility Dogs are quite different from other K-9s utilized in police work. These dogs are not used to sniff out drugs or bring down criminals or find missing people or objects. They are integrated into police, and fire stations to help reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate. They help create empathy and compassion within teams and improve workplace morale. 


  • Stress Reducer:  A Facility Dog can be used to help calm anyone who is experiencing a high level of stress.  Just sitting with a dog will help the person reflect and develop better coping skills. 

  • Social Interaction and Language: Spending time with a dog can encourage talking amongst colleagues or simply to the dog itself. Many people who are not ready to speak to a therapist will open up to a dog.

  • Emotional Support: Many people are uncomfortable talking about or showing emotions, especially in the workplace. Dogs allow individuals to show their emotions with no fear of non-acceptance or judgement.

  • Wellness Days and Support Meetings: Facility Dogs are great helpers during wellness information days and support meetings. Their presence helps reduce anxiety and helps create a relaxing atmosphere, which promotes sharing. Facility Dogs can be utilized during debriefings or any time there has been a traumatic or stressful call. 

  • Public Ambassadors: They can be used to create a communication bridge to help connect with the community. They can go to schools and help promote EMS by attending community information sessions and events.