Service Dog Training 

K-9 Country Inn strives to provide a unique trainer-assisted owner trained service dog and support program that involves dog training and peer support from other dog handlers who are going through similar situations.  We have team members on hand that can explain your rights as a service dog handler, help you through training situations in person, on the phone, and by video. We have several options of training, depending upon your comfort level, how far away you live, if you can drive or have the ability for someone to bring you to training. Our difference is, in our support program we are with you along each step of the way to help with training during the first two years of owning your service dog.


 Service Dog  - Wilson


Service Dog - Freya


Service Dog in Training - Marley

If you are thinking of purchasing a new prospective puppy K-9 Country Inn can help by pointing you to approved breeders that have a record of placing service dogs. The Inn will also help you decide what type of dog meets your needs and will be the best type of companion and support for you. Training your prospective service dog begins at 12 weeks of age. It is a process that lasts for a period of 2 years, it can be extremely repetitive as obedience and socialization is your main focus for the first year of their life, but it ensures the dog is confident working anywhere, anytime. Full-service dog status is given to dogs who are between 18 and 24 months of age with full health clearances and adult temperament has been established, along with the general training and tasks they must perform for their handler.


Service Dog in Training - Watson


Service Dog - Bella


Service Dog in Training - Fiona

Service Dog Certification


Currently in Ontario, there is no standard service dog certification or test. We are proud of our program and training. Our goal is for our teams to be recognized as part of K-9 Country Inn by the quality of training the team has from close and afar. Our program certification exam is a two-day test which includes obedience, task work, public access, and outdoor manners. We observe each team we test under specific criteria, such as teamwork, critical decision making, and interacting with the public to name a few.

Temperament testing is the first thing we access. Your dog must be a happy confident dog, outgoing, good around children, adults and other animals. Any questionable behaviour will be an automatic fail. The purpose of service dogs are to aid their handlers and potentially save their life anywhere they go and must display appropriate behaviour and etiquette when doing so.

Our exam can be administered for a fee. If you are apart of our Gold and Silver programs, this exam is included in your package. Once your dog is program certified through K-9 Country Inn Service Dogs, they must be re-certified every three years until retirement to assure the team is still working efficiently.

Ten Service Dog teams attend the Stratford Festival's Billy Elliot - The Musical

Our Partners


We are proud partners with #IveGotYourBack911 and The Phoenix Canine Initiative. We all have a common goal to provide first responders with service dogs at a low cost. If you are a first responder or veteran, please send us an email if you are wanting to inquire about our First Responder Program.

K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs work with Maplelane Goldens exclusively for the best temperament and structure for service.


Stratford Festival's Gone to the Dogs!

K-9 Country Inn Service Dog Teams Have Been Featured in Collar of Duty!

Service Dog in Training Teigan and her handler Marcel

One of our handlers, Marcel and Teigan have been featured on season 2, episode 05 of Collar of Duty! The episode is available on Animal Planet.