Hear It From Them

Testimonials from past and current clients for both our service dog program and obedience.

Training with K9 CI has been nothing short of wonderful. They helped me find my dog, Wilson, who has made me laugh more, love more, try more and remember that life can still have great moments. They are a team that genuinely cares about the people and the dogs in their program. They are flexible to individual training needs, tailor parts of the programs specifically for you, and are so helpful with explaining about the laws of Service Dogs and your rights as a handler. They will support you in every way possible when it comes to you and your dog. They want to help you train and bond with a dog that will make your life so much better. I'm so happy they are a part of my life, I know they will always be there for me even when the training program is finished.

Jo-Anne & Wilson

Jo-Anne S - Service Dog Client

Orillia, ON

I just wanted to say thank you for the program you offer. There are big differences between working with your group compared to just getting a dog from other programs, and it has made me even more grateful to have this opportunity. I met a service dog a year or two back who works with a man in a wheelchair. His dog was...almost lifeless. It did it’s job and that was it. The owner saw it as something to do what he couldn’t, and nothing more. I look at the team you have built, and yes everyone sees their dogs as work animals- but also as a being that requires love and attention. The man told me I would never love a true service dog like I did my retired dog, but you’ve made a program where that doesn’t have to be the case. I adore my new service dog with all of his quirks and cuteness. So thank you

Chantelle and Rollo

Chantelle F - Service Dog Client

Beeton, ON

Laura helped me from picking a puppy to fully train us to make an exceptional team. Without her I wouldn't have Teigan. She helps me at any time I have issues. She can make Teigan to do anything within minutes. She's incredibly good with dogs and has a lot of patience and understanding to deal with people with PTSD like myself.

- Marcel and Teigan

Marcel M - Service Dog Client

North Bay, ON

Before I found K9 Country Inn I was lost in a world of misinformation about service dogs. I couldn’t afford or wait two years for a program trained dog. With this program I learnt so much from Laura, bonded much better with Luna, and together we managed to mould a service dog that helps me in my everyday life! I haven’t found a better service dog program than this one.

Sarah & Luna

Sarah R - Service Dog Client

London, ON

I have known Laura for over 2 years and have always been impressed with her dog handling skills and her knowledge of dog behaviour. When my life changed, I began looking for a Service Dog I could train as my own with some guidance. I have been through two dogs that did not work out and after the last one was unsuccessful, I turned to Laura with the help of Brit.  They found me a dog who shows great potential with excellent breeding, temperament and personality. I immediately felt drawn to her the first day we met. I have high hopes for my new dog Freya and know that with the help of K-9 Country Inn, I will get my life back. 

Denise & Freya

Denise W - Service Dog Client

London, ON

K9 Country Inn has changed my life. From the very beginning, they have been extremely responsive, supportive, and understanding. I have never felt like my issues were 'too much' to handle, and I have a lot going on.  The group classes are wonderful, and I look forward to them every week. Meeting others in the class and knowing you're all going through similar challenges is comforting and encouraging. I know I've made life long friends with my class mates. The bond you form with your puppy is unlike any other. K9 Country Inn gives you the confidence & support to engage in the world outside your house and outside your mind. The staff are true professionals, with the experience to back their teaching. Many people who get service dogs have been failed by humans in some way, and these ones won't let you down.

Tori & Watson

Victoria C - Service Dog Client

Orillia, Ontario

K9 Country Inn has changed my life forever.  I lived in a world of fear and panic and always beside myself as well as physical help. I did research and decided that I wanted to train with my pup, which I had already established a bond and understanding of each other.  So I found Laura,  and her other trainers Britt, and Jessie. Not only are they easy to talk to, but supportive, and answer all your questions and go that extra mile.  They are helping me mould my one-year-old retriever into a service dog, and I thought I would never have ” of course still a long way to go.” With every class, I look forward to, not only to be with my best friend and partner in crime (Rylie), but also to see my teachers,  and my classmates.  They have online chat groups for us ALL to talk with one another and share pictures and to learn.  You never feel alone or that no one understands you; there is so so much support and knowledge to give.  With K9 Country Inn, you have new extended family and support for life.    


Tara & Rylie       

Tara H - Service Dog Client

Waterford, Ontario

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