The Founder

Laura MacKenzie is the head trainer at K-9 Country and has over 30 years of experience training dogs.  The Inn was formerly located in Cookstown, Ontario and was a full-service training facility offering obedience classes, competitions, dock diving and barn hunts and boarding.  Laura has been recognized in the dog training community for working with working breeds and reactive dogs.  Laura is owner and operator of Canada Barn Hunts and CGN judge. Laura has competed in the obedience, rally-obedience, PSA, dock diving, scent detection and other sports such as PSA and IPO. Laura began working with service dogs full time in 2013. She has past experience puppy raising and training service dogs privately earlier in her career.

"My fascination with animals began at an early age. Like many people who started in the dog industry, I volunteered at dog events went to every seminar I could, to gain experience and began working with dogs of all different kinds of breeds big to small, to gain their love and respect.  
People ask me all the time what method do I use, food, toys, positive re-enforcement, correction?  My answer to this is yes I use them all.  I'm a balanced trainer I use what method works for the dog and the handler.  During an evaluation, we assess the dog's behaviour, size and temperament and the skill of the handler and then we match equipment and methods. Together we will create a training plan to meet the individual needs of you, your family and your dog. 
My goal as a trainer is to help you become a great trainer, so your dog can become the friend, companion and family member, you want him or her to be."
- Laura