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Standards of Practice

The following are the standards established by K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs to receive accreditation within our program. 


Client Requirements

  1. Clients must meet the Prescriber Guidelines and have a letter from their primary physician, therapist, or psychologist stating that they require a service dog for needs related to their disability.

  2. Clients must be attending therapy (group, individual, or team) to be a candidate for all of the K-9 Country Inn Service Dog programs.

  3. Clients must be able to attend twice weekly training with their trainer for the duration of their program.

  4. All handlers must have the dogs added to their home liability insurance or have separate liability insurance. 


Canine Requirements

  1. All breeds are eligible to receive accreditation through K-9 Country Inn.

  2. All dogs in the program must pass a health exam, including x-rays of hips and elbows, between the ages of 18-24 months before receiving accreditation.

  3. All dogs must be neutered or spayed to receive accreditation.


Training Standards

  1. Our training program is a 2-year comprehensive program that allows for all basic and advanced obedience training, task training, and public access training.

  2. Handlers may access training support through K-9 Country Inn throughout the life of the Service Dog.

  3. The Service Dog must meet a minimum of 150 hours of assisted public access training.

  4. The Service Dog must meet a minimum of 150 hours of assisted formal obedience training.

  5. To receive accreditation, the Service Dog must be able to perform a minimum of 3 tasks that relate to the handler's needs.

  6. The team (handler and dog) must be able to pass the obedience, public access, and temperament test at the end of the training period to receive accreditation. The examination applies to Owner-Assisted Service Dog teams as well as Fully Trained Service Dogs to ensure that the dog and handler are working as a team. 

  7. There is a recertification test every 3 years that the team must pass to be considered an accredited team with K-9 Country Inn.

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