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Volunteer With us 

Join Our Volunteer Team and Make a Paw-sitive Impact!

Are you a high school student passionate about dogs, looking to make a difference while gaining valuable experience? Consider becoming a volunteer at K-9 Country Inn Inc. and play a crucial role in our mission to train Service Dogs that provide essential support to individuals in need.


About K-9 Country Inn Inc.:

K-9 Country Inn Inc. is a tight-knit community dedicated to the training and development of Service Dogs to ensure they possess the skills and temperament necessary to enhance the lives of those they assist. Our mission is simple: to match dogs with those who need them most.


Teamwork is the core of everything we do. Together, we thrive on collaboration and mutual support, knowing that every contribution matters, no matter how small. We recognize that it's our combined efforts that drive our mission forward. From the volunteers who generously dedicate their time to the trainers who provide their expertise and guidance, every role is essential to our shared goal. 

Together, we're making a positive impact one tail wag at a time!

Register on our website now or visit Volunteer Dufferin to check out all our opportunities! 

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join our team and engage in a variety of volunteer roles

From fitness and training to grooming and socialization, our volunteers play a vital role in every aspect of our operation. 

Assist in maintaining the physical health and well-being of our dogs through structured exercise, learning the importance of nutrition and how to monitor general health. Possible Tasks May Include ​- Learning proper care and grooming techniques.  - Participating and learning how to take routine health checks and how to complete Monthly Wellness Checks. - Assist in bathing and brushing the dogs to keep them clean and presentable. - Help clean and prepare the grooming station.  - Assist in cleaning dog beds and kennels to maintain a clean and comfortable environment. - Provide comfort and affection to the dogs to keep them calm and encourage good behaviour while being groomed.

Grooming and Care 


Accompany our trainers on Public Access outings to expose our dogs to various enviroments and situations, aiding in their development and adaptablility. Possible tasks may include - ​​​​Helping introduce dogs to different sights, sounds, and environments in a controlled manner. - Accompanying our dogs and trainers on walks or Public Access outings in nearby public areas, such as stores, parks, or busy streets, to help the dogs get used to various stimuli. - Participating in group walks to encourage the dogs to work well around other dogs and people. - Engaging in positive interactions with strangers to help socialize the dogs with various people. - Assisting in reinforcing good behaviour and providing treats as rewards during Public Access outings.

Socialization Outings


Assist in maintaining our dogs physical health and well-being through structrured exercise. Learn about the importance of nutrition and the general health monitoring of dogs. Possible tasks may include ​​ - Accompany dogs on nature walks or short hikes on nearby trails or parks. - Assisting in monitoring and recording health checks. - Learning how to fill out a Wellness Check sheet correctly. - Assisting in correctly measuring and distributing food portions for dogs. - Accompanying dogs during supervised playtime to ensure they stay active and engaged. - Engaging in simple games of tug-of-war or fetch to promote healthy exercise.

Canine Fitness and Health


Work alongside our experienced trainers to help shape obedience commands, specialized tasks, and good behaviour, contributing to the overall success of our Service Dog training. Possible tasks may include ​​​​ - Practicing basic obedience commands such as sit, come, stay, etc.  - Help set up / take down and participate in training exercises and classes. - Help practice obedience in various environmental settings. - Engage in quiet activities such as sitting with the dogs and petting them softly to encourage a calm mood.  - Provide encouragement and praise to the dogs when they successfully complete a training task.  - Learn how to fill out Training Logs properly.

Assisting in Training