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Wounded warriors Canada x k-9 country inn


K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs is proud to announce our new program in collaboration and sponsored by Wounded Warriors Canada, Our Wounded Warriors' PTSD Program! We are excited to train and match dogs to their new handlers who have served overseas and on the mainland.

We are currently accepting applications for this new program. Please read more below before applying.

Visit Wounded Warriors Canada to learn more about Operation Service Dog

The Benefit

Of a service Dog

Independence and Engaging with Society: A service dog is a medical aid to their handlers, a friend and offers companionship and unconditional love. Amongst our clients, specifically those with PTSD, the relationship and bond is an integral part of their healing journey. Trust between handlers and dog goes a long way in their wellness but also enriches their life by giving them that freedom to step out the door with their reliable and trusted service dog.

They've Got Your Back - Alievation of Hypervigilance: A service dog's presence can help their handler "return to reality" during high anxiety/stress. Our service dogs are trained to perform crowd-buffering tasks that create a comfortable public space and keep their handler present. These specialized canines can also be trained to interrupt night terrors in the handlers' homes.


Interruption of Dissociative Episodes and Reality Affirmation: Service dogs are trained to provide active tasking to decrease high anxiety/dissociative episodes by tactile stimulation (i.e., Nose Nudging the handler's arm)to the handler while attentively giving comfort. The affirmation given to the handler by the dog ensures safety, assurance of reality and the present, and steadfast dedication.

Finding an Exit or a Trusted Person: During times of high stress and or anxiety, a handler may become overwhelmed, causing them to wander off, get lost or isolate in public areas. A service dog can be trained to locate an exit and a trusted person by name. This task can help alleviate panic and provide comfort in knowing their service dog can safely lead them out of a stressful situation.

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