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Wounded-Warriors is now closed and no longer accepting applications for this year


Autism Assistance Program now accepting for fall 2024

Apply to our waitlist for a Fully-Trained Service Dog: current availability is Fall 2024.

Applications for owner-train and assisted-train programs are now open for Cambridge and Alliston area




We at K-9 Country Inn are a dedicated group of passionate individuals with over 40 years of experience in the canine industry. Our goal is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities across Canada through education and top-quality dog training. 

We believe that utilizing a service dog should be an accessible option to members of the public, which is why we've formatted several programs to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Over the past ten years, we've provided over 200 service dogs to their handlers. We take great pride in providing exemplary service and being a leader in the service dog industry.

Our trainers service Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, and New Brunswick. 



K-9 Country Inn provides fully trained service dogs to qualified applicants for PTSD, Mobility, Medical Alert, and Autism.

We also have our Owner-Train, Trainer-Assisted Program, where the recipient of the dog will embark on a two-year journey training their service dog with the guidance of our team!

Information regarding this program can be found here: Click Here

K9CI is pleased to announce the partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada - Operation Service Dog. We are part of a team that trains and provides dogs to veterans and first responders with OSI-PTSD.

Want to learn more about our WWC x K9CI Program? Click Here.

Please visit Wounded Warriors Canada - Operation Service Dog for more information: Click Here



We provide services to First Responders, Veterans, and Civilians with PTSD. We offer specialized dual skill training for those who require another skill set such as Medical Alert and Mobility Assistance.


We provide services to those of any age looking to seek the support of an Autism Assistance Service Dog.

Not sure if we can help? Contact us today. We take great pride and joy in helping individuals across Canada regain their independence through the use of service dogs.


Johanne & Oscar
Owner-Assisted PTSD Service Dog Team


"Laura guides her clients and is a remarkable leader.

She has integrity, she is honest, and has strong values. 

She conducts her business with moral and ethical values. She is honest truthful and precise in her advice to her clients.

She possesses good communication skills with her clients. She can break down information so we can apply the information immediately to our Service dog training.

She has influenced me to train my dog in a gentle and firm manner. She has a lot of empathy for all her clients and adapts the training to everyone individually. She uses her influence to help each one of us to get through our individual difficulties and finds solutions to all problems. She has empathy and will go to bat to advocate for each one of us. 

She is always there to give us courage when times are difficult. 

She respects each ones of her clients and is always there to give solutions to problems or hurdles. 

Laura consistently demonstrates integrity, empathy, courage, and respect towards her clients.

I am so grateful that I found her to help me train Oscar. With her guidance I am extremely confident that my dog Oscar can assist me when I am in distress as he has already done so.

In fact, he has helped me with my anxiety and depression, and he has demonstrated that he can and will calm me when I am in distress and will give me continued deep pressure therapy until I calm down.

When I do not know what to do, Laura is always willing and able to assist me. 

She is always ready to help and she genuinely cares about her clients

In fact, when I explained to Laura that I was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment she adjusted her communications to me so that I would not have to rely on my poor memory and copied all communications to my husband so he could help remind me.

She is truly a leader in her field."


Chantelle & Rollo
Mobility Assistance Service Dog Team

"There are big differences between working with your group compared to just getting a dog from other programs, and it has made me even more grateful to have this opportunity. I met a service dog a year or two back who works with a man in a wheelchair. His dog was...almost lifeless. It did it’s job and that was it. The owner saw it as something to do what he couldn’t, and nothing more. I look at the team you have built, and yes everyone sees their dogs as working animals- but also as a being that requires love and attention. That man told me I would never love a true service dog like I did my retired dog, but you’ve made a program where that doesn’t have to be the case. I adore my new service dog with all of his quirks and cuteness. So thank you."

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