Currently Accepting Applications for our Owner-Assisted Programs for barrie and London. Autism Assistance Program is full until autumn 2023

Apply to our waitlist for a Fully-Trained Service Dog: current availability is Fall 2023.




We at K-9 Country Inn are a dedicated group of passionate individuals with over 40 years of experience in the canine industry. Our goal is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities across Canada through education and top quality dog training. 

We believe that utilizing a service dog should be an accessible option to members of the public, which is why we've formatted several programs to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Over the past ten years we've provided over 200 service dogs to their handlers. We take great pride in providing an exemplary service and being a leader in the service dog industry.

Our trainers service Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, and New Brunswick. 

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K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs is proud to offer several different programs to meet your needs.


K-9 Country Inn offers a unique Owner-Assisted Training Program. Our Owner-Assisted Program allows for owners to raise and train a service dog in their home while attending weekly group classes and public access outings under the support of a Professional Service Dog Trainer for two years through to graduation.


This program allows for custom task training to meet each handlers individual needs, including cross training where applicable (ie. both PTSD and Mobility Assistance).


K-9 Country Inn provides fully trained service dogs to qualified applicants for PTSD, Mobility, Medical Alert, and Autism.



We provide services to First Responders, Veterans, and Civilians with PTSD. We offer specialized dual skill training for those who require another skill set such as Medical Alert and Mobility Assistance.


We provide services to those of any age looking to seek the support of an Autism Assistance Service Dog.

In addition to our Service Dog Programs, we offer Therapy Dog and Facility Dog Certification through Pet Partners.

Not sure if we can help? Contact us today. We take great pride and joy in helping individuals across Canada regain their independence through the use of service dogs.


Jodi, Landon & Striker
Autism Assistance Service Dog Team

"When you hear a diagnosis such as Autism or ASD you can start to spiral out of control.  What does this mean?  How will my son be able to function at school?  In society?  As a member of our family?  What supports are out there?  Where do we start?

Not only do we worry about these questions and concerns, but we also worry about his physical and psychological well-being, and how he sees himself every day.  It is very challenging and heartbreaking, scary and maddening.

With this diagnosis, however, comes a lot of amazing experiences that you never thought possible.  One of the most important points in our lives came when we decided to get an Autism Service Dog for our son.  He’s the type of kid that needs a constant “being” in his life that he can rely on to always be there for him, to support him and love him unconditionally regardless of his meltdowns, panic attacks, and quirks.  A Service Dog provides him with just that, a constant and safe being that he can count on.

We started our research and found wait lists to be atrociously long.  Until I came across K-9 Country Inn Service Dogs, that find was fate, it was meant to be.

My very first conversation with Laura gave me goosebumps and a sense of calm knowing that whatever we decided, she had our best interests in mind and would help us every step of the way.  Laura had never met us in person, had never met our son or had a conversation with him, but when I described our challenges and our wishes, she was on it.  She knew exactly what we needed and how to provide us with the most amazing dog ever!  I don’t know how she does it, but it’s amazing!  She could not have selected a better dog for our son and our family.  He’s a perfect match and our son’s best friend!

Not only is Laura amazing, but her trainers are too!  They are confident, knowledgeable, personable, and fun.  They do not shy away from a challenge, and happily integrate everyone in to the training, right from the beginning.  They make themselves available for questions and concerns all the time, and make you feel as though you are important, your concerns are valid.  And the most important thing, they are patient.  These trainers are like family, we have a strong sense of community with them and the other service dog teams, we have made friends for life which we will always cherish.

If someone were to ask me anything about Striker and K-9 Country Inn Services Dogs, I would have nothing but amazing things to say.  We could not have found a better organization and group of trainers to support us through this chapter of our son’s journey.  We love them all and would recommend them to anyone and everyone!"


Michelle & Kaia
Owner-Assisted PTSD Service Dog Team

"When I started this process, I remember being completely overwhelmed with all of the information regarding service dogs and training options, that I was ready to give up. I'm so thankful I found K-9 Country Inn's website when I did.

From the very first conversation I had with Laura, I knew I had found a safe place that would help me on this journey. She was very reassuring, extremely knowledgeable and had a passion for helping others that was very apparent even over the phone. I was matched with my incredible service dog Kaia and she couldn't have been a better fit if I had designed her myself! Training started the day after I brought her home at 8 weeks old.


Training has been tough at times and the standards are high (as they should be!) but we learn everything in a positive, fun, caring environment that helps us be the best team possible. That being said, this program offers so much more than exceptional dog training. It gives us the ability to bond with our dogs through training as well as play, other handlers, and the incredible trainers.


I've never been someone that enjoys group sessions of any kind but I look forward to weekly obedience and public access classes.


Thanks to K-9 Country Inn, I know that I'm able to face difficulties with Kaia by my side. She helps me navigate any sort of adversities and comforts me when I need her the most. I cannot thank Laura, Wilder, Brit, and the entire staff at K9CI enough for the help, encouragement, and genuine support we've received during our training."


Chantelle & Rollo
Mobility Assistance Service Dog Team

"There are big differences between working with your group compared to just getting a dog from other programs, and it has made me even more grateful to have this opportunity. I met a service dog a year or two back who works with a man in a wheelchair. His dog was...almost lifeless. It did it’s job and that was it. The owner saw it as something to do what he couldn’t, and nothing more. I look at the team you have built, and yes everyone sees their dogs as working animals- but also as a being that requires love and attention. That man told me I would never love a true service dog like I did my retired dog, but you’ve made a program where that doesn’t have to be the case. I adore my new service dog with all of his quirks and cuteness. So thank you."